Donna Martin is back in the zip code

Did anyone watch last night’s episode of 90210?

It marked the return of Tori Spelling’s rich girl character Donna Martin. Is it me or did it pick up where it left off with Kelly and Donna hangin out and cruising around Bev Hills?


So, it turns out that Donna and David got married and had a baby girl but Donna revealed to Kelly last night that her and David are now separated. Let’s bring him back on the show! I think that might seriously be a possibility since Brian Austen Green’s show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles just got the axe.

Bring back back Dylan too… that was a cheap Dylan McKay reference last night when Donna asks where Kelly’s son is and she simply responds, “Oh, Sammy’s visiting with Dylan.” HELLO? Since when was there talk about visitation or anything to do with Dylan? They need to explain further please!

Also, I smell a Brandon and Dylan kinda bromance going on with Ethan and Liam. Thoughts?

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