My wedding shoes

Ok, so I bought 2 pairs of Badgley Mischka shoes for my upcoming wedding in August.

The first pair is Costa:


The second pair is Dalia:


Bad news…. my dress is ivory and the sandals are too white and the pumps seem a little blah.

Anyhoo, since the colours of my wedding are damask and hot pink, why not go with a pair of hot pink shoes, right? I didn’t want to be matchy with the shoes. I wanted a punch of sorts. A few months ago I was eyeing a pair of fuchsia Christian Louboutin peep-toe slingbacks but they’re sold out now. Or even the Louboutin yo-yo peep-toes in hot pink which are still available at Saks. Both pairs of shoes seemed pretty practical and totally wearable after the big day.

THEN…. I saw these babys.


Oh Manolo, I am in heaven.

A little bit of drool here and there but I think I’m ok. They’re $1190 at Neimans. I’m getting them!!! Did I say that out loud?




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2 responses to “My wedding shoes

  1. LadyTatiana from WB here….I think I just had a shoegasm.

  2. Miss Jordan

    So….did you get them? and congratulations on your wedding! I’ve been looking for these shoes everywhere for a long long time. I’m sooooo jealous 😉

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