Don’t of the week: May 22, 2009

One from last year I had to re-post!

Guyliner: (Def.) Makeup is no longer for girls. Guys may wear eyeliner to genuinely emphasis their eyes to attract the opposite sex… or the same sex… or to score a record deal… or to fully integrate into the emo and scene world… or to become a swashbuckling pirate…



Made popular by Fall Out Boy member Pete Wentz.



Doesn’t Jared Leto look better without guyliner?


Billie Joe from Green Day


The infamous Alice Cooper





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5 responses to “Don’t of the week: May 22, 2009

  1. 'ro

    ohai wentz hahahahaha

  2. TOKIOhotel

    YOU FORGOT BILL KAULITZ…He has the sexiest guyliner out there (:

  3. jay

    ya but jared is hot either way!!!! :-p finger lickin goood!!!

  4. virginia almirón

    I think is ok..sometimes it’s better,,,sometimes it’s worst…

  5. Lex

    I find that Jared Leto looks alot like Jack Efron. Is it me, or do you see the resembelance as well. I have searched to see if they were somehow related, but I have not found anything.

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