Engrish for hotel guests


I lost all sense of WTF, huh?s and omg spellcheck this s.o.b.


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4 responses to “Engrish for hotel guests

  1. WOW!!! Reminds me of a movie….”hurry up and buy, we no want no trobble.”

  2. pinnythewu

    I love Engrish! Next time I’m in China I will try to remember not to ‘hit the pipe’ with my ‘exquisite, exquisite poison’ and I’ll leave my ‘badly violator’ at home. I will however ‘paste at will’.

  3. Aisosa

    WTF!!!..this is like…translating directlt from chineese to english .roflmao

  4. Aisosa

    WTF!!!..this is like…translating directly from chineese to english .roflmao

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