Don’t of the week: June 5, 2009

Gang signs/Scissor Gang Mafia: (Def.) From… Can be used to refer to trendy MTV aspiring suburban douche bags, who pose for pictures to be displayed on the internet by creating “scissors” with their fingers. The telltale sign of true SGM members has the “scissor” fingers usually accompanied with some type of bend in the elbow, a pouty or serious glare, and an air of poser which elicits a sense of physical and emotional disgust.

Gawd, was she even old enough to know about the O.G. Star Trek? Hayden Penetrator’s vulcan greeting…


At the count of 3, everybody throw their gang signs. whattttt. It’s worse when done in a group photo.


Jay Leno, you’re so hardcore that you gotta pose with Michael “Ultimate Role Model” Phelps with your scissor gang mafia stance. Soooo hardcore that you have to leave the Tonight Show and do your own thang.


I don’t know what’s more offensive… the super low cut neckline on Criss Angel’s shirt, the writing on his jeans, the rash in Pam’s cleavage or both of their tired faces?




I know y’all were waiting for this pic.


Don’t even wanna go there.



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One response to “Don’t of the week: June 5, 2009

  1. What’s worse is that the sign the former president is throwing is also known as “the shocker”

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