I Know Who Killed Me


Worst movie ever created… I can’t believe I watched that horrendous garbage last night. Was I even paying attention? I just thought it was cool that her hand and leg were melted off by acid or whatever the heck that stuff was and she wakes up in the hospital with stumps.

Then I woke up and realized that Lindsay Lohan still had her hand and leg in real life.

What the?

Oh, and this guy who plays her dad in the movie and is also on Desperate Housewives is the most annoying person on Earth. Call the Earth and ask… it’s true.


Where is Lindsay now?



Where am I?



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2 responses to “I Know Who Killed Me

  1. I’m such a geek. When I saw the DVD cover she posted my first thought was, “You can’t pole dance with gloves on!!”

  2. and by she I mean you…not to self don’t comment before coffee has kicked in.

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