In other news…

Hey, could it be possible that there are more exciting news out there besides hearing about some fight between Perez Hilton and Will.I.Am while at the MMVA Awards in Toronto last night??

I personally don’t go on the perez website anymore (I used to, until it got a little bit…. yawn… too boring for my liking) and I really don’t give a flying fleabag about who hit who and why.


My fiancé Bradley Cooper has been seen with Jennifer Aniston! That tramp (lolz)! I made sure that the private investigator I hired got a nice crisp shot of the two of them together. Caught red-handed!!!


This story interests me because of Bradley, NOT Jennifer. Brad effed her over big time and now she’s just trying to latch onto anyone who gives her attention. She’ll end up marrying some young dood who will become famous through her and then she will be left alone again. Just my 2 cents. I feel bad for her but genuinely hopes she finds someone one day FOR REAL……. but stay away from my man! haha


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