Marissa Cooper rises from the dead

Well, not exactly… but look at these recent pics of Mischa Barton leaving a London club. Talk abut getting her drank on and getting her stank on. Girl is looking like a zombie!

C’mon, Marissa, would you let Ryan see you like this going to a function in the O.C.?


Speaking of which, I can never help turning to the channel on tv that’s playing some crazy old episode of the O.C. The one I saw yesterday was the one where Caleb and Julie were divorcing but Julie was scheming up some master plan to drug Caleb to delay the divorce proceedings yada yada and Kirsten is a drunk. What’s happening with the rest of the folks from that show?


Ryan (Ben McKenzie) is on a hot new cop drama called Southland. I gave it a chance and watched the first few episodes and it’s quite good. Who knows if the show will last…. it’s filmed in a way that mimics reality, kinda like COPS but with more editing. Well, the editing of language is left intact on purpose so when you watch the show, you will hear plenty of bleeps. It’s weird at first, but you get used to it.


Ahh Summer Roberts (Rachel Bilson) is so busy nowadays playing house with her fiancé Hayden Christensen up in Canada. So cute. Did I mention that Hayden was on my flight to LA from Toronto last May? I should’ve said hi but he was sitting in first class and I was stuck with the commoners and screaming babies in coach. *sigh*

And, who cares about the rest of the show HAHA!


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