Ever have to take a piss and not know which bathroom to go into?

Heyyyy this pic is all WRONG. I’m a girl and what if I feel like peeing standing up? Ya know??


Omg, I totally forgot to wear my red cape today. I also forgot to carry a picnic basket with flowers into the bathroom as well. I hope the bathroom police forgives me.


I guess I am also flat chested and wear no clothes in public.


I think throwing turtles (c/o: Oddee.com) in the toilet is a perfectly normal and sane thing to do.


I think this pic is actually discriminating. Look at the boobs on the stick-girl. Y’all know that half the time, it’s guy on guy right? LOL


I like to do breakdance moves too in front of urinals.
Or doggy-style.
And to that guy with the fishing rod, I hope he catches a nice bass.


More flat-chestedness on the chick… this time, the bathroom is being friendly to the arm-challenged. It’s ok if you don’t have any arms, let alone hands to wipe yourself after peeing.


Nice architecture.


Wha? This is normal too.


Source: Oddee


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