It’s Friday the 13th… do you dig slashed leggings?

Considering that today is the infamous Friday the 13th, let’s hope that no one gets slashed!

Have a look-see at these trending slashed leggings… made famous by lil celebutantes out there like Lady Gaga.


I will NEVER succomb to such fashion “trend” because I don’t believe in paying top dollar for clothes that are massively mangled when I can easily snatch up some cheap-ass leggings from Forever 21 and let my blades do the talking.


These babies are from Shopbop and will run you a hefty $255.00 US.


These ones I snooped from ASOS and are a load cheaper at about $30 US.


American Apparel even has some leggings that are slashed, but apparently it’s just one leg? They’re $32 US.



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2 responses to “It’s Friday the 13th… do you dig slashed leggings?

  1. I wear slashed leggings for derby but it works within the context of derby…and I slashed them myself. Hooray for DIY.

  2. I am confident that I could not pull them off.

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