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He bangs…

So BeyoncĂ© and Jay-Z aren’t having a baby.


In other news, Ricky Martin finally crawls out of his glitter and sequin-filled closet. I mean, seriously, did he honestly think that the world thought he was straight?

Kinda like Kim Kardashian saying that she has a big ass. Hello??? We already know this. Ricky Martin just wants to be in the spotlight again. What has he done recently? (Besides the pool boy>>). He needs to leak out a sex tape or hook up with Neil Patrick Harris.

Just sayin’.

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I was in Mexico…

Sorry for my hiatus but I was vacationing the past week in Cancun with a nice and cozy group of 14 friends!!!

It was actually relaxing, entertaining and fun all at the same time. I didn’t get sunburnt like I usually do when I go away down south. UGH, I would hate to look like this upon my return to reality.

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News flash


Karma is a bitch and I feel so bad when I make fun of people, and god knows I’m a blunt bitch. Karma is a chameleon… cue song…

Why do girls look eachother up and down? Instead of being petty or jealous, look at what someone is wearing and if it’s nice, smile at them or even give them a “Nice purse!” instead of giving the bitch-eye.

I’ve learned my lesson though. If I have nothing nice to say…. I won’t say anything at all. Or better yet, I’ll just roll my eyes hahaha

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Big Kim and Lil’ Reggie

Not to be confused with Lil’ Kim at all.

From the New York Post…

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush smile together at the Russell Simmons Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation Art For Life at Fontainebleau.


For some strange reason, Kim looks freakishly bigger than Reggie.
But we all know she’s a size zero, right?

luvs it

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