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It’s Christmas Eve! (for those who aren’t Jewish)

But here are some cute holiday pics from a famous Jewish cartoonist, the late Charles M. Shulz. You may recognize his TOTALLY RAD cartoon Peanuts (AKA SNOOPY, my lil brother’s fave and mine too!).

And…. here’s just a lil twist from Charlie Brown and his gang to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Happy Holidays!

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Some Halloween reading


I think this is self-explanatory.

P.S. I’ve had a sinus infection for a week now. It blows! =(

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44 seconds to waste

Why not watch a dog dig a hole?

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Some new couple alerts @ the MTV VMA’s

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Looks like Kermit the frog has finally dumped Miss Piggy for Lady Gaga.

Don’t know if this is for the better.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Katy Perry and her out-of-this-world date.

In other news…. RIP Patrick Swayze.

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I’m obsessed with Natalie Dee comics

I swear… Natalie Dee and I think alike. She draws what I think! is it bad that we think such weird thoughts or does everyone think it but just not say anything??


Cuz that’s how my brain works. It wanders into a Beetlejuice world every hour or so. I’m surprised I haven’t been fired from work for being so weird.









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I am laughing and crying at the same time

This brightened my dreary almost-raining-but-it-looks-like-it’s-gonna-rain kinda day.

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