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Google Earth NYC in 3D!


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Have you searched Google lately?

Here are some searches that were autocompleted and are suggested by Google, as soon as you type a few words into the search box.

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You’re gonna love his nuts

Oh Slap Chop guy.

Sham Wow guy.

I’ll admit that my husband actually bought the Sham Wow thingy and it works great. But honestly, how often do you really spill loads of liquid anywhere that would require the heavy duty sopping action of the Sham Wow magic towel?

Hmm… how about that Slap Chop. So helpful in the kitchen.

Here’s a sexy pic of Vince Schlomi (aka Vince Offer), the douche from the infomercials selling you useless crap.

He was arrested last year on a felony battery charge following a violent confrontation with a prostitute in his South Beach hotel room.

SHAM WOW!!!!!!!!!!

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Do you sometimes hate your computer?

Look at this crazy movie trailer for the upcoming 0s & 1s movie. The official website itself is genius a-la Atari style and kind of makes you wonder if this is legit or not Might need to get your eyes checked!

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Ben Stiller isn’t so funny but he tweets and is on Facebook


He made a video to showcase his computer skills and how he’s handling the rapidly growing trends with social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Have a look.


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The FeyoncĂ©’s gift to me (well, he hasn’t bought it yet)

So, I’m just “watching” this auction on EBAY because I am heavily dreaming and drooling over this watch.

I tried it on at the Chanel store at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA last year and the bling of it mesmorized my brain to the point where I haven’t bought or even looked at another watch. While some may gasp or even snicker over the price tag on this baby, who cares…….. I WANT IT AND I WANT IT NOWWWWWWW.


Hellz yeah, oh I just remembered that I tried on the white ceramic J12 watch with the diamonds valued at the same price.

But I want it in black.

Or maybe THIS one altogether!!!



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Aliens oh my

Imagine if there were alien beings living on Earth today.

More like, living in refugee camps that are monitored by a multinational corporation for their behaviour and weapons technology.

What happens in District 9?

Produced by Peter Jackson, of the Lord of the Rings fame.

Directed by Neill Blomkamp.

I would go see this and probably get the living shit scared out of me. I’m already freaked out as it is when I leave my house at night to let the dogs out for their last pee before bedtime and all I can see are patches of fog hovering over the cornfields across from my house. Ya, I live in the sticks and hope that I don’t see zombies limping around my neck of the woods anytime soon.

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