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Why can’t I find these shoes anywhere?!?!

I can’t believe this.

I wish this was a post about finding some super cheap designer shoes, but it’s quite the opposite.

I’m appalled.

These were from 2009, the Christian Louboutin jeweled platform slingbacks:

Louboutin Jeweld Pumps

Louboutin Jeweld Pumps pair

They were $2,830 US at Bergdorfs. Now completely sold out.

I’ve kinda been obsessing over these and now I can’t find them anywhere. Like totally one-of-a-kind-kinda-deal. Shitty.


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Google Earth NYC in 3D!


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Corey Haim found dead

Actor Corey Haim was found dead at his apartment in Oakwood, California this morning. He was unresponsive and died of a drug overdose.

I think I actually had this poster in my bedroom when I was a teenager.

No joke.

Rest in peace Corey.

He was battling drug addiction for years and was last seen in the movie Crank 2, alongside Jason Statham.

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Happy Valentine’s Day weekend!

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Fashion designer Alexander McQueen found dead at age 40

Fashion designer Alexander McQueen committed suicide this morning, after being found hanged in his London home. He was pronounced dead at the scene. This happening a week after the death of his mother, Joyce, last Tuesday.


One of his contemporary lines, McQ, was scheduled to be shown at New York Fashion Week this afternoon.

The designer married his partner, film-maker George Forsyth in 2000 on a yacht owned by the prince of Gambia in Ibiza. Close friend Kate Moss was a bridesmaid.

I’m not too familiar with his clothing but I’m definitely into his shoes and scarves. Here are some shoes designs he did:



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16 year old buried alive because she talked to boys

This absolutely breaks my heart.


A 16-year-old Turkish girl was buried alive under a chicken coop by relatives because she talked to boys.
The body of Medine Memi was found in a sitting position with her hands tied in a 6ft hole dug in the courtyard of her family’s home in Kahta, south-eastern Turkey, 40 days after she had been reported missing. The hole had been cemented over.

The teenager had a large amount of soil in her lungs and stomach – showing she suffered a slow and agonising death.
‘The autopsy result is blood-curdling. According to our findings, the girl – who had no bruises on her body and no sign of narcotics or poison in her blood – was alive and fully conscious when she was buried,’ said a forensics expert.

Suspicion that her death had been especially brutal led to the commissioning of a report by university scientists after the original post-mortem examination.
Medine Meme’s father and grandfather have now been arrested and jailed awaiting trial. The girl’s mother was arrested, but later released.
It has emerged that the girl had made a complaint to police about her grandfather two months before she went missing, saying that he beat her because she talked to boys.
In addition her father Ayhan is said to have told relatives that he was unhappy that his daughter – one of nine children – had male friends.
Police made the grisly discovery in December following a tip-off from an informant.
After Medine’s body was found in December, her mother Immihan said: ‘She tried to take refuge at the police station three times, and she was sent home three times.’

The case has caused outrage in Turkey and reopened the debate over so-called honour killings which are particularly prevalent in the predominantly Kurdish south-east of the country.
Such killings are usually decided by a council of relatives which consist of the elders of the family.
Official figures state there are more than 200 such killings a year, around half of all murders in Turkey.
One commentator wrote on the website of a religious TV station: ‘The punishment for whosoever should kill with intent is the hell where he will languish forever. Allah has cursed him and prepared great pain for him
‘You named your daughter after the holy city of Medina but your mind is left over from the earlier Age of Ignorance.’

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Gross Grammys

This was after Pink’s Cirque du Soleil-type performance which I didn’t get at all. A huge WTF.

So Beyoncé decides to sing her old song “If I Was a Boy” (I thought she WAS a man) and then mash it up with Alanis Morrissette’s “U Oughta Know”. THAT was another WTF moment of the show. Sorry Destiny’s Child…. your dress is hideous.

I realize that Jennifer Hudson lost a lot of weight and has such a pretty face but honey, that dress belongs in the garbage!

Another Jennifer with a dress faux-pas last night was JLO. Hello? Half man or half woman? Both? OK, that’s what it looks like.

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I wanna know who Banksy is too

Who is Banksy?

Maybe after watching this film, his identity will be revealed> Notorious grafitti artist with no real source as to his real identity. His artworks are often satirical pieces of art on topics such as politics, culture, and ethics.

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Celebrity Look-Alikes!

Frank Roberts, of Smithville, Mo. & Leonardo DiCaprio

David Siegel, of Little Neck, N.Y. and George Clooney

Katie Forsberg of Glendale, Ariz., and Reese Witherspoon

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Balloons are fun bags

Serious considerations for your next party (ummm New Year’s Eve maybe?)

The last pic is obviously a recommendation for those crazy Hannukah celebrations.




And when you gotta go….. you gotta go.


Hold on.

I don’t have time to IM but lemme check my email to make sure I have the right address for that party.

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Almost 25 years of Oprah screaming out names of celebrities

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Lady Gaga meets Queen Elizabeth II

Photo credit: LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

I wonder who was more nervous??

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Do you want cheese on your lips?


It will just make my hubby hungry when he kisses me when I have this crap on.

*Note: I don’t really have this stuff.

Would you buy this?


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Where the hell have I been?

Planning a wedding that is only 5 days away.

I am stresssssed but whatevs, I will get a cool new last name and we’re hitting LA for 2 weeks for our honeymoon.


I’ve been to LA before (try 3 times in the last year) but Al hasn’t so I’m sure he’s stoked to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood.

Let’s remind ourselves which super famous peeps have their own star on the Walk of Fame.

This guy who seems like he’s got something up his butt. LOL!



and the classy Marilyn Monroe…

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. If you didn't know... now you know!

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. If you didn't know... now you know!


Funny how her star is right in front of the McDonald’s at the corner of Hollywood and Highland. How classy.

August 5 marks the anniversary of Marilyns death.

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Sex and the City casting call



Who wants to be an extra on Sex and The City 2? There’s going to be an open casting call for small bit part/extra roles for the upcoming movie. Casting will be held at the Metropolitan Pavilion at 125 W. 18th St. in NYC.

If I lived in NY, yes they definitely need some random asian socialite type in there LOL.

You don’t have to have any acting experience or even have a portfolio. You just gotta look Sex and The City-ish, wearing fabulous clothes and shoes of course. Throw in an amazing handbag and walk like you’re a fashionista!

The ads call specifically for: “models, celebrity types, upscale socialites, urban clubgoers, gays and lesbians, international types (Middle Eastern, Arabic, Asian, European, British) and professional soccer players.”


If you’re interested but can’t make the casting call in person, you can email a headshot to !

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