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Happy Birthday A-Rod!

It’s your birthday Alex Rodriguez.

You can do whatever your heart desires.

Smoke your stogie and get back together with your ex-gf Kate Hudson.


Spend some time with your daughters.

Beat the Cleveland Indians at tonight’s game.

Eat birthday cake.



Make out with YOURSELF.


Or make out with your current gf Cameron Diaz.

What do y’all think of this relationship? Does A-Rod know Cameron’s a dude?

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Why hello there, Hello Kitty Wine!


It’s my birthday today and before I start playing the obvious birthday tune by 50 Cent or “It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To” (Who the hell cries on their birthday anyway???), I decided to post something cool, exciting, at the same time cute, cuddly with a cherry on top!!!


No, it’s not for children but have a lookie!


How amazeballs is that?!

WANT!!! (unless I get pregnant soon!!)

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It’s my birthday and I’m celebrating my sweet 16

Sorry folks, I might as well give you a warning.

It’s my bday today!


I will be busy pondering world domination all day today and consuming obscene amounts of junk (because the rules say that you are allowed to do that on the day you are borned haha, I luv saying borned, like I’m some 4 year old kid…. kinda like pasghetti and saying chicken when you mean to say kitchen… now I’m just doing some nonsense birthday rambling!).


Anyhooooooooooo…. have a happy hump day and I’ll have a happy hump birthday!

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