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Can you read?

If you answered YES, then you will remember this song…


I always wondered whatever happened to him after the Star Trek days.

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Who’s my famous daddy?

I’m really digging this absolutely beautiful young model/actress/famous guy’s daughter.

Who is she???

How gorgeous is she, right?

I can’t stop staring at her.

Anyway, you may recognize her from 90210 where she made a guest appearance as a West Beverly High student who threw that house party and Shenae Grimes’ character Annie gets dissed by all the other students. This mystery bombshell was also in last year’s movie The Blind Side and can be seen in the upcoming vampire-western (wtf?!) movie titled Priest.

Hi, my name is Lily.

Lily Collins.

My dad is Phil Collins!!!

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Which Affleck girl is cuter?


O.G. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner spawn Violet?


Newcomer Seraphina?


Courtesy of Fame Pictures.

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For those interested in Nicole Richie’s life


She’s on the cover of the latest People Magazine holding her son Sparrow Honeycomb Molasses Longjohns Madden. Well, his name is something close to that.

Look at the happy family!


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Emma Watson, grown up and gorgeous


Oh Hermione, you look lovely!!!

I personally have only seen the first two Harry Potter movies and I have never read the books. Something about reading supposed “Children’s Books” drives me off the wall. Well, at least that’s where Chapters puts the Harry Potter series, I believe. Or wait… there’s gotta be a huge table with Harry Potter paraphernalia all over the place like some new plague. Kinda like the Twilight series…. I think those books are in the “Teen” section.

Shrugs. Anyhoo, Emma Watson is gorgeous and I can’t wait to see her in other movies besides Harry Potter series.

Remember her when she was little??


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