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Balloons are fun bags

Serious considerations for your next party (ummm New Year’s Eve maybe?)

The last pic is obviously a recommendation for those crazy Hannukah celebrations.




And when you gotta go….. you gotta go.


Hold on.

I don’t have time to IM but lemme check my email to make sure I have the right address for that party.

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Pamela Anderson is scarier than Ronald McDonald

Pamela Anderson walks the runway during Richie Rich’s AMUSE fashion show held at the Setai hotel in Miami, Florida.

The proof is in the pudding. I never understood what that meant. What pudding? Eww, is there something in the pudding? It’s not Halloween yet but here’s a scary costume idea…






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You too can look like Michael Jackson for Halloween 2009

I was lurking on the BUY COSTUMES website when I came across these lovely costume ideas!

namely…. Michael Jackson during the various stages of his career. Sadly, there isn’t a kids costume that comes with an afro.

This “costume” is $99.99 and is apparently just for the jacket. Soooo, the shirt, pants/jeans, belt, shoes and socks are not included. WTF!


The wig is $29.99.


Ok, this Billie Jean costume is $119.99 and includes the jacket, shirt, socks and glove. Glittery!


This Bad costume is a whopping $179.99 and includes the jacket, pants, gloves, belt, shoe covers and bracelet.


Dunno what happened with this costume which looks like a flammable parachute. This Thriller costume will set you back $69.49 and includes the jacket and pants (tent).



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