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Red lipstick ain’t for everyone

No one can rock the red lipstick like Miss Dita Von Teese.

Or Gwen Stefani.

Or even Christina Aguilera.


They all look so lovely and then we get THIS pic of Leighton Meester at the opening of the American Eagle store at Times Square, NYC…


Oh Blair Waldorf… hopefully Gossip Girl won’t spread this photo out to the masses.

Usually Scarlett Johansson can get away with the bright red hues of lipstick each season brings but this pic screams yowza.

And THIS pic of Jessica Simpson last year when she went through her brunette hair phase…

Are you looking at her mouth or her chest? 😉

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Sexy grocery shopping… why not?




Simply gorgeous!

Dita Von Teese has to look good all the time, even when she’s hauling groceries. Can you picture her even cooking? Perfect outfit, perfect makeup, perfect hair, perfect posture and perfect shoes…. perhaps she’s got amazing cooking skills. Obviously, it wasn’t good enough to keep Marilyn Manson married to her.

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