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Granny’s got moves

Raving is alive and well.

Get your dance moves from this amazing granski just in time for the holidays.

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For those interested in Nicole Richie’s life


She’s on the cover of the latest People Magazine holding her son Sparrow Honeycomb Molasses Longjohns Madden. Well, his name is something close to that.

Look at the happy family!


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Stephen Baldwin and daughter hang out

AWWWW this is super cute!

Reality star Stephen Baldwin (I think he “acted” or something too??? LOL) was seen out in LA with his daughter Hailey as they went to the movies. They chilled out a bit on played on his laptop too, laughing away.

Look how much she looks like him!!!





Since being kicked off the NBC show I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here due to a bug bite infection or something (I never watched the show), Wikipedia reports that Baldwin and his wifey defaulted on their home’s mortgage.

Buddy needs a job!

Bring back Celebrity Mole!

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Victoria has a secret

Well, not so secret anymore since lil Miss Oh-so-hottt Adriana Lima is gleaming with a motherly glow! Looking fabulous!


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Attack of the Lohan cougars

Well, they’re not exactly cougars but they don’t look like they’re young either. I didn’t have lunch yet but suddenly just lost my appetite.


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My puppyluv

My mini schnauzer Rocky was hit by a car yesterday and admitted to the emergency unit at the nearby vet. He’s alive and ok, but lost some teeth in the front and could possibly undergo jaw surgery today. Apparently his gums are almost completely unattached to his mouth.

Al and I went to visit him at the vet in the afternoon (the accident happened at 9am and Al called me at noon to tell me this!) and Rocky was in good spirits, although he whined a bit as soon as he saw us. Thank goodness for the painkillers that are helping him through the pain. He isn’t in shock anymore and the doctors said that he was trying to walk as soon as the initial drugs were wearing off a bit.

I am so sad, even though he’s alright… I just don’t think that little 10 pound guy deserved it. The snow has melted and his curiosity got the best of him. We are going to NOT be as lenient when it comes to letting Rocky and Maggie out anymore. Living in the country is so great for them because they have so much room to run around, but we need to keep our eyes on them more and not let them run past the cedar boundaries around our land.

Let’s pray the surgery isn’t too stressful for Rocky today and I know he’ll be missing teeth in the front but I’ll still have my puppyluv…



Rocky on the right, Maggie on the left

Rocky on the right, Maggie on the left

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Don’t of the week: March 13, 2009

It’s Friday the 13th again!!!

I don’t care if people get mad but I think it’s super trashy to be pregnant (like 3rd trimester) and then walk down the aisle.

Being pregnant is a beautiful thing of course if it was planned. Being a bride is another thing. Combining the two is like a bad episode of My Name is Earl.


If you are pregnant and unwed, you can have the baby first and then plan your beautiful wedding. Or perhaps plan it so you are not showing that much. Of course, sometimes there are extenuating circumstances. Just a showcase of some ladies sporting massive baby bumps in white dresses. Isn’t that kind of ironic?

Pregnant brides: (Def.) Self-explanatory.





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Some early Christmas cheer



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