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Some new Christmas gifts to me (from me!)

I’ve got problems.

Apparently, I cannot wait until the birthdate of Jesus to open gifts. I had to get these lil something-somethings because the prices were right.

Firstly, I am not a fan of Coach handbags.
My husband bought me a Carly bag a few years ago and right now, I believe it’s sitting/resting in its dustbag in my closet.

*crickets chirping*

Soooo, I see this sale on Hautelook.com and I am a huge sucker for good things at even gooder prices. =)

This is my work bag for now…

Then mosey on down to my 105th pair of shoes (mind you, the count is kinda off now because I sold some/gave some away/lost them/in the trunk of the car/at work)….. you catch my drift.

I need a therapist to help me with my shoe obsession. I wear them ALL and do not play favourites, depending on the weather and occasion of course. Well duh!

All wrapped nicely in the bright red pretty bow. I’m sad though because the shoes didn’t come with a Louboutin box or even the dustbag. I’m writing to corporate and I will be expecting something free!

Happy hump day!

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Designer handbags on sale (WOOT!)

Here are some bags that are sure to get snagged real soon because of the price. Holy muther…..

If you have the $$$, why not. These bags are all on sale for under $400 so spend, spend, spend. Buy me one while you’re at it and msg me for my address so my Christmas will come early. =)

Not the typical Burberry design but this coffee coloured leather tote is a steal.

Now on sale for $357 at NET-A-PORTER.COM



This cute little Marc Jacobs Palais Royal bag will definitely add a pop of orange crush to your holiday outfits. At 50% off right now!

Now on sale for $447.50 at THEOUTNET.COM



This simple black Badgley Mischka leather hobo is a steal and works great as an everyday bag.

Now on sale for $331.99 at SAKS



Another Marc Jacobs bag seen here is on sale in cream or ink blue.

Now on sale for $313.60 at SHOPBOP.COM



Now, I have never owned a Juicy Couture handbag but this one is really cute in red (or the website calls it Geranium!). Tsk.

Now on sale for $269.99 on PIPERLIME.GAP.COM



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Giving you a heads up on some Christmas sweaters on eBay

Check it out folks!

Sink your teeth into these beautiful lovelies that are up for bid on eBay. Get ’em while they’re hot and before someone else scoops them up! So amazeballs and for dirt cheap! Free shipping! WOOOO!






Gotta love them polar bears!




I think that last one is a hot seller considering the bid is up to $15 WTF!

Happy weekend!

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Jessica Lowndes sports some Jimmy Choo for H&M shoes

I just bought these babies last weekend during the Jimmy Choo for H&M opening launch. The gladiator stud sandals… I haven’t worn them yet but here is 90210 actress Jessica Lowndes wearing them for her 21st birthday party in Las Vegas this past weekend.

Image courtesy of WENN.

What is up with that hair and honestly, girl is starting to look like Heidi Montag.

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Marc Jacobs lil Bow Peep Toe pumps

I’ve never owned a pair of Marc Jacobs shoes because I’ve always thought that his styles were mehh. I’m shopping on my early AM coffee break as per usual and the SHOPBOP sale is outta control!

Check out these weirdo Marc Jacobs pumps that I will buy (shoot me now):

They’ve got this lovely blue hue to them, when the colour stated on the Shopbop website says that they’re grey. Lots of sizes still available and they’re 50% off, ladies!

Husband will be fuming yet again when the nice FED-Ex, UPS, Purolator guy stops by the house. He is friends with all of them now.

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Gossip Girl’s Blake’s fakes?

Hmm… tough one.

Has she? Or hasn’t she?

Did Blake Lively get plastic surgery on her tata’s?

Courtesy of WireImage.

Here she is seen at the after party for The Cinema Society & A Diamond Is Forever screening of “The Private Lives of Pippa Lee” at the Ace Hotel in New York City. This film is buzzing with Oscar all over and one scene depicts her sleeping with 75 year old Alan Arkin! geahh.

They seem so perky!!

What do you think??

Well, she definitely got her nose done so it wouldn’t surprise me if she got a boob job.




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It’s Friday the 13th… do you dig slashed leggings?

Considering that today is the infamous Friday the 13th, let’s hope that no one gets slashed!

Have a look-see at these trending slashed leggings… made famous by lil celebutantes out there like Lady Gaga.


I will NEVER succomb to such fashion “trend” because I don’t believe in paying top dollar for clothes that are massively mangled when I can easily snatch up some cheap-ass leggings from Forever 21 and let my blades do the talking.


These babies are from Shopbop and will run you a hefty $255.00 US.


These ones I snooped from ASOS and are a load cheaper at about $30 US.


American Apparel even has some leggings that are slashed, but apparently it’s just one leg? They’re $32 US.


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