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The Greasiest Sandwich Ever – EPIC meal time (Youtube)

I could eat that.

I just don’t feel like it.

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Everyone loves Hooters

The chicken wings.

The football games aired on big screen tvs.

The orange short shorts.

The pregnant Hooters girls??????????

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Tiny gingerbread houses that are awesome

Nuff said.



They’re all so purty and Christmas-y and kinda make me NOT want to eat them because they’re so cute.

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The hottest guy in the world!


Not really.

I really can’t stand that Zach Braff guy (the one on the right).


If I wasn’t married and I was a contestant on the reality show Dating in the Dark….. I would so pack my bags and leave after the “lights come on” reveal. Sorry, I have nothing nice to say, except for noticing that delicious piece of cheesecake which looks extremely mouthwatering right now.

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Do you want cheese on your lips?


It will just make my hubby hungry when he kisses me when I have this crap on.

*Note: I don’t really have this stuff.

Would you buy this?


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Sexy grocery shopping… why not?




Simply gorgeous!

Dita Von Teese has to look good all the time, even when she’s hauling groceries. Can you picture her even cooking? Perfect outfit, perfect makeup, perfect hair, perfect posture and perfect shoes…. perhaps she’s got amazing cooking skills. Obviously, it wasn’t good enough to keep Marilyn Manson married to her.

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What’s for breakfast?

This is what I’m eating.

A BLT without the B, so it’s an LT.

Who knew veggies could be so delicious?


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It’s my birthday and I’m celebrating my sweet 16

Sorry folks, I might as well give you a warning.

It’s my bday today!


I will be busy pondering world domination all day today and consuming obscene amounts of junk (because the rules say that you are allowed to do that on the day you are borned haha, I luv saying borned, like I’m some 4 year old kid…. kinda like pasghetti and saying chicken when you mean to say kitchen… now I’m just doing some nonsense birthday rambling!).


Anyhooooooooooo…. have a happy hump day and I’ll have a happy hump birthday!

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Loaded with flava!



Read the last ingredient of this delicious cake.

LMAO (I hope it’s not true or else I’ll get sick…..)

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Don’t eat crap


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