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Christian Louboutin Spring 2010 designs… a HIT or a MISS?

Louis Studded Hi-Top Sneakers $835 at SAKS.

Freddy Studded Lace-Ups $995 (GASP!) at SAKS.

Rollerball Loafers $995 at SAKS.

Tell Me Peep-Toe Pumps $1347 (WHY??) at SAKS.

Totally unacceptable!

These are pretty gross if you ask me.

What do you think?

What kind of drugs do you think the Louboutin design team is smoking?

On the other hand, these shoes are not so bad and are currently on my WANT LIST….

Shawnita Pumps $875 at SAKS.

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Marc Jacobs lil Bow Peep Toe pumps

I’ve never owned a pair of Marc Jacobs shoes because I’ve always thought that his styles were mehh. I’m shopping on my early AM coffee break as per usual and the SHOPBOP sale is outta control!

Check out these weirdo Marc Jacobs pumps that I will buy (shoot me now):

They’ve got this lovely blue hue to them, when the colour stated on the Shopbop website says that they’re grey. Lots of sizes still available and they’re 50% off, ladies!

Husband will be fuming yet again when the nice FED-Ex, UPS, Purolator guy stops by the house. He is friends with all of them now.

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