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Have you searched Google lately?

Here are some searches that were autocompleted and are suggested by Google, as soon as you type a few words into the search box.

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Some cool toys for girls

Every little girl wants to be a pole dancer. It’s a proven fact, according to white trash everywhere around the world. Why not have a doll who is a pole dancer as well?


Mommy, mommy… can you please show me how to clean and gut a fish? Look no further because this toy will keep your daughter occupied for hours!


Let’s face it.

No Barbie doll collection is complete without this Teen Pregnancy Barbie. It doesn’t come with a baby daddy. How sad…


Santa: Have you been a good girl Sally?

Sally: Yes I have Santa! A very good girl!

Santa: What do you want for Christmas this year, Sally?

Sally: A hermaphrodite dollie of course!


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I’m obsessed with Natalie Dee comics

I swear… Natalie Dee and I think alike. She draws what I think! is it bad that we think such weird thoughts or does everyone think it but just not say anything??


Cuz that’s how my brain works. It wanders into a Beetlejuice world every hour or so. I’m surprised I haven’t been fired from work for being so weird.









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I’m sure every guy wants to stay at this hotel



I’m sure this hotel in Seoul, Korea has friendly room service and the bathroom amenities are to die for…

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Engrish for hotel guests


I lost all sense of WTF, huh?s and omg spellcheck this s.o.b.


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I’d rather have my diet pepsi


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I am laughing and crying at the same time

This brightened my dreary almost-raining-but-it-looks-like-it’s-gonna-rain kinda day.

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