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Yay, she’s Canadian…


but look at them skeleton hands!

Pamela Anderson, you should know better that the tell-tale spots for a woman’s age is her hands and neck! Ewww.

I’m sure guys would still tap it. Maybe while she’s wearing gloves?

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Will Ferrell wants you to tan safe

Pretty scary, but you could look like this if you frequent those fungus-loaded tanning beds at your local shopping plaza.


Funnyman Will Ferrell has released his own line of suntan lotions.

Believe it.

His “Willpowered” line features his super muscular bod and all for a good cause.


Proceeds from these sexy bottles of lotion will go toward scholarships for cancer survivors. Visit the CANCER FOR COLLEGE site for more info.

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The truth about me


The truth shall set me free.

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