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Get your dentist to polish your rings!

That’s what I did yesterday when I went for my annual dentist checkup. It was Remembrance Day here in Canada (Veteran’s Day in the US) and what perfect timing that I was off from my government job to go clean my pearly whites! When I got there, I guess my wedding and engagement rings were twinkling in the extreme bright lights in the dental office so my dentist asked if she could take a closer look at them, considering I’ve only been married for 3 months.. she was more excited than me! She took them and sprayed the magical high pressured baking soda mist stuff all over it and they look amazing!!!

Sorry for the spooky cloudy image but hey, Blackberry photos are mehh.


So, if you’re going in for your checkup, ask if your dentist can polish up your rings! =)


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I want a fist on my wrist

Exactly what I thought…. HUH?

A fist bracelet or cuff if you will. LOOK!!!!



You can buy it for just under $3k HERE(umm, ok).

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