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You too can look like Michael Jackson for Halloween 2009

I was lurking on the BUY COSTUMES website when I came across these lovely costume ideas!

namely…. Michael Jackson during the various stages of his career. Sadly, there isn’t a kids costume that comes with an afro.

This “costume” is $99.99 and is apparently just for the jacket. Soooo, the shirt, pants/jeans, belt, shoes and socks are not included. WTF!


The wig is $29.99.


Ok, this Billie Jean costume is $119.99 and includes the jacket, shirt, socks and glove. Glittery!


This Bad costume is a whopping $179.99 and includes the jacket, pants, gloves, belt, shoe covers and bracelet.


Dunno what happened with this costume which looks like a flammable parachute. This Thriller costume will set you back $69.49 and includes the jacket and pants (tent).



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Michael Jackson is dead at age 50



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