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I wish I was invited to their wedding

It’s a match made in hell if you ask me.

Marilyn Manson is 41 and Evan Rachel Wood is 22. That’s pretty normal, right? The hardcore zombie-ish rocker proposed to his child girlfriend and she said yes. All while the engagement ring was hidden inside the eye socket of a skull. (HAHA, just kidding).

I can just picture their gorgeous wedding, with hints of roadkill and nooses hanging as their wedding decor. Throw in some bloody tablecloths and dead roses and VOILA! You have their wedding.

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Sexy grocery shopping… why not?




Simply gorgeous!

Dita Von Teese has to look good all the time, even when she’s hauling groceries. Can you picture her even cooking? Perfect outfit, perfect makeup, perfect hair, perfect posture and perfect shoes…. perhaps she’s got amazing cooking skills. Obviously, it wasn’t good enough to keep Marilyn Manson married to her.

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