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Aliens oh my

Imagine if there were alien beings living on Earth today.

More like, living in refugee camps that are monitored by a multinational corporation for their behaviour and weapons technology.

What happens in District 9?

Produced by Peter Jackson, of the Lord of the Rings fame.

Directed by Neill Blomkamp.

I would go see this and probably get the living shit scared out of me. I’m already freaked out as it is when I leave my house at night to let the dogs out for their last pee before bedtime and all I can see are patches of fog hovering over the cornfields across from my house. Ya, I live in the sticks and hope that I don’t see zombies limping around my neck of the woods anytime soon.

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Sarah Palin in Runner’s World magazine

How hilarious is this photo shoot?





Not sure if she’s going for the sexy runner look or “Hi, look at me…. I’m quitting my job as the governor of Alaska to pursue my dreams to be a fashion model.”

What the eff? I’m not inspired to go for a jog after looking at these pics. Do people actually go running with their glasses on?


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Obama say what?

Ok, so I had a connecting flight in Washington DC last week when I was heading to Miami for Bachelorette #1. I couldn’t help but notice that there were tons of Barack Obama shizz everywhere. Well, obvs, the President of the United States lives in DC but how much is too much?


Who has actually bought a Chia pet in general?

I hear crickets.


Cuz everyone’s ass needs a good wipe by Obama’s face.


What time is it?

I dunno, time for a change?


Gotta stay fly in a pair of Obama Nikes.




Who’s hungry?



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