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Everyone loves Hooters

The chicken wings.

The football games aired on big screen tvs.

The orange short shorts.

The pregnant Hooters girls??????????

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Who’s pregnant and who’s just well… umm… not


Congrats to Buffy the vampire slayer and her hubby Fred (scooby doo where are you? haha). I mean Sarah Michelle Gellar (what has she done lately???) and hubbz Freddie Prinze Jr. They’re gonna have a girl!


Congrats also goes out to Carmen Electra who just gained like 40 pounds and “looks” pregnant.

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Don’t of the week: March 13, 2009

It’s Friday the 13th again!!!

I don’t care if people get mad but I think it’s super trashy to be pregnant (like 3rd trimester) and then walk down the aisle.

Being pregnant is a beautiful thing of course if it was planned. Being a bride is another thing. Combining the two is like a bad episode of My Name is Earl.


If you are pregnant and unwed, you can have the baby first and then plan your beautiful wedding. Or perhaps plan it so you are not showing that much. Of course, sometimes there are extenuating circumstances. Just a showcase of some ladies sporting massive baby bumps in white dresses. Isn’t that kind of ironic?

Pregnant brides: (Def.) Self-explanatory.





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Guess who’s not knocked up?

Ok I posted in early October that Carmen Electra and fiancĂ© Rob Patterson were expecting a lil bundle of joy… but it appears that she was just a little big in the belly. The Korn guitarist and former Baywatch babe signed a pre-nup before they plan their wedding hopefully for next year, but they are not having a baby yet.

She’s wearing a dress that makes it look like she’s sporting something that looks like a baby bump! Look at it from the side profile…


But she can’t be pregnant because she recently finished her photoshoot for the upcoming December issue of Playboy. This marks her second pictorial in the mag with April 2003 being her first one and on the cover too.

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