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Happy Birthday A-Rod!

It’s your birthday Alex Rodriguez.

You can do whatever your heart desires.

Smoke your stogie and get back together with your ex-gf Kate Hudson.


Spend some time with your daughters.

Beat the Cleveland Indians at tonight’s game.

Eat birthday cake.



Make out with YOURSELF.


Or make out with your current gf Cameron Diaz.

What do y’all think of this relationship? Does A-Rod know Cameron’s a dude?

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Recovering from the Superbowl

Now that Drew Brees and the Saints have won the Superbowl, the partying in New Orleans for Mardi Gras is gonna be insane! I was cheering for the Colts of course. Not because I like the team or that Peyton is probably the greatest quarterback ever, but because Peyton is Eli Manning’s brother. MY TEAM IS THE GIANTS!!! Next year, baby!

I’ve been recovering from Sunday night. Who knew that beer consumption, a championship football game and karaoke would be so much fun? Yep. I sang karaoke for the first time in my life. Considering that I’m asian…. everyone thought I would be a karaoke queen. Alas, we sang thrash metal and threw in a couple of Steve Miller Band songs into the mix. It definitely wasn’t the last time for me!!! I’m already practicing O.P.P. by Naughty by Nature. =P

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Friday eye candy (for ladies… sorry guys!)

Well hello there Mr. David Beckham.

You can fix my car anytime. Lube job jokes can start now….

Happy Friday!

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Everyone loves Hooters

The chicken wings.

The football games aired on big screen tvs.

The orange short shorts.

The pregnant Hooters girls??????????

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LOLz cute mascot dance at halftime

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Sarah Palin in Runner’s World magazine

How hilarious is this photo shoot?





Not sure if she’s going for the sexy runner look or “Hi, look at me…. I’m quitting my job as the governor of Alaska to pursue my dreams to be a fashion model.”

What the eff? I’m not inspired to go for a jog after looking at these pics. Do people actually go running with their glasses on?


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Wimbledon 2009 champions


I can’t believe I actually spent hours yesterday watching the men’s singles finals while munching on breakfast at the local sports bar in my area. What a heated restaurant….. with people screaming and shouting as if it was a hockey game or the Superbowl! Unfortunately, Andy Roddick lost to Roger Federer. Roger deserved it, since he lost last year but all in all, tennis is so fun to watch! Now, to get my butt back on the tennis courts!

Oh yeah, and Serena beat out her sis. (yawn)

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Love comes in many sizes

This pic of Brooke Hogan and her bf reminds me of this couple we saw in Jamaica last month. The guy was so much shorter and smaller than the gf. Like his legs had no muscle tone at all, while the blonde gf actually looked like a wrestler. Hmm…. kinda the same here… mind you, Brooke’s dad was the wrestler and not her.


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