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Mattel makes Twilight dolls


Ok, so girls all over the world are swooning over Edward Cullen from Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series (aka Robert Pattinson who portrays the bloodsucking emo guy in the movies). I myself love Taylor Lautner who plays Jacob Black, the very hot and very young werewolf (sigh). Seriously, aren’t there already enough Twilight fan stuff out there like binders, stickers, clothes, posters, trading cards, and bedding for god’s sake???

Mattel, who is famous for the trademarked Barbie dolls are the makers of the Bella and Edward dolls which will be available at Toys R Us on November 27, 2009. That date marks exactly one week after the New Moon movie premieres in theatres worldwide.

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Who’s got better abs?





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New Moon, new movie, new poster

Here it is… poster of the upcoming movie New Moon. *Drool*
On Robert Pattinson of course.


I just started reading it so I better get a move on so I can finish by the time the movie premieres in November!

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