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Jessica Lowndes sports some Jimmy Choo for H&M shoes

I just bought these babies last weekend during the Jimmy Choo for H&M opening launch. The gladiator stud sandals… I haven’t worn them yet but here is 90210 actress Jessica Lowndes wearing them for her 21st birthday party in Las Vegas this past weekend.

Image courtesy of WENN.

What is up with that hair and honestly, girl is starting to look like Heidi Montag.

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Gossip Girl’s Blake’s fakes?

Hmm… tough one.

Has she? Or hasn’t she?

Did Blake Lively get plastic surgery on her tata’s?

Courtesy of WireImage.

Here she is seen at the after party for The Cinema Society & A Diamond Is Forever screening of “The Private Lives of Pippa Lee” at the Ace Hotel in New York City. This film is buzzing with Oscar all over and one scene depicts her sleeping with 75 year old Alan Arkin! geahh.

They seem so perky!!

What do you think??

Well, she definitely got her nose done so it wouldn’t surprise me if she got a boob job.




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90210 nutshell recap season 2 premiere

The only thing captivating last night on the season premiere of 90210 was new guy Trevor Donovan, who plays tennis hottie Teddy Montgomery.

Photo courtesy of pinkisthenewblog.com

Photo courtesy of pinkisthenewblog.com

Any thoughts on last night’s episode?

Why isn’t Shenae Grimes kicked to the curb? So she did a hit and run and now feels guilty. Girl, you need to take a chill pill. Why didn’t she call the cops in the first place? This story is just filler because the writers don’t know what to do with her. Nobody on the show likes her, she has no friends and even Dixon is too pre-occupied with his own life to give a shit about her.

If I see another scene with AnnaLynne McCord’s terrible acting and huffing and puffing, I swear I’ll resort to watching the revamped Melrose Place (yet another yawner). Why do I waste my time with this crap? Did I honestly miss Hell’s Kitchen for these braincell killing tv shows?


Ok, onto the storyline (is there a storyline?)…. Naomi has a crush on Teddy but he isn’t giving her the time of day. Sounds familiar…. hello last season with Liam?? Naomi confronts Annie again at the beach club party about her supposedly sleeping with Liam and Annie denies it but Naomi doesn’t give a shit and tells her to get lost. NICE!

Naveed wants sex from Adrianna, but surely she just had a baby and isn’t ready for it yet. Although she doesn’t fail to mention to Naveed that the reason why she doesn’t want sex now is because she humped tons of guys in the past…. like truckloads of guys…. poor Naveed!


Plus, for some reason, Adrianna became a whore throughout summer with her longer hair and overall persona being different from the girl we saw last season. Who does she think she is? Megan Fox??


THEN>>>> we find out that Teddy used to date Adrianna when they were like 3 years old (skank!). Something about Teddy also having a crush on Silver. Silver and Dixon are back together now but not before Teddy catches Silver mid-text with Ethan about that kiss at prom yada yada…. Teddy tells Dixon and Dixon dumps Silver and she starts getting sad and hangs with Naomi and Adrianna and talks about how her life is over and that she can’t breathe without Dixon.


The end. FML.

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Hair yikes

There are tons of bad hair days to be had by peeps all around the world. Celebrities get the most flak when their hair isn’t perfect for the red carpet or when the paps come sneaking up on them for a pic. I couldn’t help but to show some bad hair on a few randoms and some who were/are on Hollywood’s “B” list.


Like this guy… Sanjaya from American Idol. Hardly a celebrity but ppl still go up to him for autographs. For doing what? Recently he was on NBC’s reality show I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. Gawd.



Look below at this gorgeous two-tone amazing hair!

I want this look for my wedding. (jokes)


Cornfields. I also hated the Children of the Corn movie franchise.


Def NOT in the running toward becoming America’s Next Top Model.


Scary in pictures and scary in real life.
Smile harder please.


Miss Fuggy Fug in the houseeee.


Ok, this pic is old but sorry guys… the hair is super WHACK!


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Stephen Baldwin and daughter hang out

AWWWW this is super cute!

Reality star Stephen Baldwin (I think he “acted” or something too??? LOL) was seen out in LA with his daughter Hailey as they went to the movies. They chilled out a bit on played on his laptop too, laughing away.

Look how much she looks like him!!!





Since being kicked off the NBC show I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here due to a bug bite infection or something (I never watched the show), Wikipedia reports that Baldwin and his wifey defaulted on their home’s mortgage.

Buddy needs a job!

Bring back Celebrity Mole!

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Marissa Cooper rises from the dead

Well, not exactly… but look at these recent pics of Mischa Barton leaving a London club. Talk abut getting her drank on and getting her stank on. Girl is looking like a zombie!

C’mon, Marissa, would you let Ryan see you like this going to a function in the O.C.?


Speaking of which, I can never help turning to the channel on tv that’s playing some crazy old episode of the O.C. The one I saw yesterday was the one where Caleb and Julie were divorcing but Julie was scheming up some master plan to drug Caleb to delay the divorce proceedings yada yada and Kirsten is a drunk. What’s happening with the rest of the folks from that show?


Ryan (Ben McKenzie) is on a hot new cop drama called Southland. I gave it a chance and watched the first few episodes and it’s quite good. Who knows if the show will last…. it’s filmed in a way that mimics reality, kinda like COPS but with more editing. Well, the editing of language is left intact on purpose so when you watch the show, you will hear plenty of bleeps. It’s weird at first, but you get used to it.


Ahh Summer Roberts (Rachel Bilson) is so busy nowadays playing house with her fianc√© Hayden Christensen up in Canada. So cute. Did I mention that Hayden was on my flight to LA from Toronto last May? I should’ve said hi but he was sitting in first class and I was stuck with the commoners and screaming babies in coach. *sigh*

And, who cares about the rest of the show HAHA!

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Eddie Cibrian joins CSI:Miami


Former Third Watch tv actor Eddie Cibrian has been signed onto the eighth season of CSI:Miami starting in the fall. I wonder what Horatio thinks about those rumours of Eddie romping around town with LeAnn Rimes?

Why would you cheat on your gorgeous wife, Brandi???


I still think he’s hot….

Anyone else remember him from the Young and the Restless or the band 3Deep??? Cue the cheesy 90’s music video!

… or am I just old? HAHAHAHA

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Ed McMahon (1923-2009)

Ed McMahon passed away this morning at the age of 86 at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in California.

He was fighting cancer, among other related health problems.



I remember hearing my dad laughing out loud while watching The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson… I was asleep upstairs but I knew it was because Johnny and Ed were up to no good with their sketches.

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David Letterman’s DO & DON’T

Don’t be misled into thinking I’m actually writing about David Letterman’s fashion style here….. heh heh, I’m talking about recent guests the late night mogul had on his show.





Sorry Fergie Ferg, what’s up with your hair and that dress?

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I was a fat kid…


Ryan Seacrest

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Pretty purple


Wow, it’s possible that Denise Richards looks decent for once…. I love this dress and the colour!

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Back from South Beach

Ok, so I don’t have too many pics from my bachelorette in Miami but maybe my maid of honor and bridesmaid will have some goodies soon! We saw Bow Wow shopping at Gucci Bal Harbor shops and I saw Andie MacDowell at the airport.

THEN……. after getting home yesterday afternoon, we watched The Hills finale and the MTV Movie Awards.

Remember this pic of the O.G. Laguna Beach crew, season 1?


So, from Miami Beach to Laguna Beach (kinda), I’m excited for the new season of the Hills next year. Can’t wait for the dramz with Kristin Cavallari. Lauren should’ve stayed!!!

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There is No Doubt these kids are cute!

The spawn of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are ridiculously cute, I almost struggled with this post! =)

Gwen rejoined her fellow No Doubt band members for an appearance earlier this week on Jimmy Kimmel Live.



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I’d rather have my diet pepsi


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David Schwimmer is uhhh…. boring


Ross needs to stir up some dramz!


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