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Can you read?

If you answered YES, then you will remember this song…


I always wondered whatever happened to him after the Star Trek days.

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Happy Birthday Alex Trebek!

It’s hard to believe that the infamous Jeopardy gameshow host is 70 years old today!

I’ll take Old Dudes Who Look Young for $1000, Alex!

Hope he doesn’t break a hip….

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Music from Lost (OMG INCREDIBLE!)



This song below makes me cry everytime I hear it!!!


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New couple? Brody Jenner is dating…..



Who might the king of Bromance be dating right now?

After him and 2008 Playboy Playmate of the Year, Jayde Nicole broke up, he’s been seen douching it up in the Hollywood spotlight.

No, he didn’t go back to ex-girlfriend Kristin Cavallari or skeezed his way back into the Playboy mansion for another lil bunny…

Rumours have it that he’s dating another Canadian.

A singer.

A divorcée.

A blonde.

Can you guess???







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What is the smoke monster on Lost??

Jimmy Kimmel lays it down and tells viewers what that smoke monster is on Lost.

Take a guess!

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You know when it’s late and nothing’s on tv?

You usually see the tv channel display something like this:

Image: WENN.com

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Merry Christmas from the New Kids on the Block

Geez, this is damn old but soooo funny to watch!

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