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Hair yikes

There are tons of bad hair days to be had by peeps all around the world. Celebrities get the most flak when their hair isn’t perfect for the red carpet or when the paps come sneaking up on them for a pic. I couldn’t help but to show some bad hair on a few randoms and some who were/are on Hollywood’s “B” list.


Like this guy… Sanjaya from American Idol. Hardly a celebrity but ppl still go up to him for autographs. For doing what? Recently he was on NBC’s reality show I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. Gawd.



Look below at this gorgeous two-tone amazing hair!

I want this look for my wedding. (jokes)


Cornfields. I also hated the Children of the Corn movie franchise.


Def NOT in the running toward becoming America’s Next Top Model.


Scary in pictures and scary in real life.
Smile harder please.


Miss Fuggy Fug in the houseeee.


Ok, this pic is old but sorry guys… the hair is super WHACK!


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Who looks good in their 30s?


YES! Alyssa Milano looks gorgeous…


NO! Milla Jovovich is scaring her poor child.


NO! Tyra Banks is successful and all, but honey… you ain’t no Oprah! i don’t know what’s more distracting here. Tyra’s forehead or Clay Aiken’s chin(s).

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