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I was in Mexico…

Sorry for my hiatus but I was vacationing the past week in Cancun with a nice and cozy group of 14 friends!!!

It was actually relaxing, entertaining and fun all at the same time. I didn’t get sunburnt like I usually do when I go away down south. UGH, I would hate to look like this upon my return to reality.

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Happy Anniversary Posh and Becks



David Beckham dropped $200k on the North Island paradise of the Seychelles. Happy 10 years!

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I’m back!


Yupp, that’s Captain Jean-Luc Picard and I feel the same way right now… disappointed.

I’m back from my vacation in Jamaica and I’m half relaxed and half fuming mad! Our resort was a complete mess and I just wrote a nice (not!) letter to the vacation company expressing my disappointment. It was nice to get away and all, but for the price I paid for my resort, I could’ve just bought 2 pairs of Louboutins.


Let’s hope I get some sort of consolation and I’m not talking about a free beach bag.

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