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When homewreckers get engaged

Anyone ever have a crush on Nick Lachey when he was in the boy band 98 degrees or on the ill-fated MTV show Newlyweds?

Or Eddie Cibrian from the tv show Third Watch, or more recently CSI: Miami??

Well, those 2 studmuffins popped the question to their douchey girlfriends and are enslaved engaged to be married.

LeAnn Rimes: I never liked your music and your face looks funny.

Vanessa Minnillo: You will NEVER be Jessica Simpson and you look like a tranny. Are gay marriages legal in California? Sign that prenup Nick, cuz this former Miss Teen USA looks hungry for $$$. (Where’s your job??).

Can you believe that Vanessa had the nerve to throw Nick an ultimatum that he better propose before her 30th birthday or else she’s leaving?? Her birthday is next Tuesday by the way.

Can’t wait for your gong show weddings! I’ll be waiting patiently by my mailbox for the invites.


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I wish I was invited to their wedding

It’s a match made in hell if you ask me.

Marilyn Manson is 41 and Evan Rachel Wood is 22. That’s pretty normal, right? The hardcore zombie-ish rocker proposed to his child girlfriend and she said yes. All while the engagement ring was hidden inside the eye socket of a skull. (HAHA, just kidding).

I can just picture their gorgeous wedding, with hints of roadkill and nooses hanging as their wedding decor. Throw in some bloody tablecloths and dead roses and VOILA! You have their wedding.

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Ivanka Trump’s gorgeous wedding


Donald and Ivana Trump’s daughter was married on Sunday October 25th to Jared Kushner, the son of another major New York area real estate family.


So, of course the ceremony was held at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey!! Donald Trump wouldn’t have it any other way! Over 500 guests, among them included celebrities like Barbara Walters and Russell Crowe.

Her dress was a custom-made Vera Wang. Not sure if I like the sleeves though.




Photos courtesy of Fred Marcus Photography.

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My wedding shoes

Ok, so I bought 2 pairs of Badgley Mischka shoes for my upcoming wedding in August.

The first pair is Costa:


The second pair is Dalia:


Bad news…. my dress is ivory and the sandals are too white and the pumps seem a little blah.

Anyhoo, since the colours of my wedding are damask and hot pink, why not go with a pair of hot pink shoes, right? I didn’t want to be matchy with the shoes. I wanted a punch of sorts. A few months ago I was eyeing a pair of fuchsia Christian Louboutin peep-toe slingbacks but they’re sold out now. Or even the Louboutin yo-yo peep-toes in hot pink which are still available at Saks. Both pairs of shoes seemed pretty practical and totally wearable after the big day.

THEN…. I saw these babys.


Oh Manolo, I am in heaven.

A little bit of drool here and there but I think I’m ok. They’re $1190 at Neimans. I’m getting them!!! Did I say that out loud?



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I’ve been busy…

Sorry I’ve been neglecting this little bloggy thingy! I’ve been busy doing wedding stuff! I have a wedding planner who is doing a lot of it but last week we went to get our invitations going, since we’re only 3 months and a bit away from the big day!


Here’s something rad to check out on Oddee.com. PLEASE CLICK!!!

Wedding proposals gone bad!!!

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